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WCV Important Testing Information, End of Year Ceremony Updates and New Budget Update

As we approach the final months of this school year, I wanted to update everyone on a few items.  Please note; this update is certainly subject to change as new information from NYSED, NYSDOH, and the Board of Regents has arrived often throughout the pandemic.


Important Testing Information:

  • As of today, the required Regents Exams and Checkpoint Exams are still scheduled.  If you have not seen the updated schedule, the exam schedule is included with this announcement.  Please be aware that the offering of these exams is still under review at both the state and federal level.  There is still potential for the exams to be cancelled and this new information may not be finalized until as late as early June.  If the exams are cancelled, students will continue to attend their regular class schedules in the MS/HS through June 24th.  If there are exams, students in the MS/HS will attend their regular class schedule through June 16th with the first Regents Exam being offered on the 17th of June.  As a reminder, June 18th is a holiday for all students.

  • All students enrolled in a Regents Course will be offered the exam including remote students. 

  • A modified version of the 3-8 testing will take place this year.  This again is for informational purposes only and follows the same rules as the Regents Exams.  The assessments will again provide our staff with data to support our future instruction.



Other Information:

  • West Canada Valley Board of Education adopted the 2021-2022 proposed budget at their regular monthly meeting in April.  The adopted budget is in the amount of $18,988,751 with a proposed 0% tax increase.  This will be voted on by the community in May.

  • With the new regulations released from the state, the district is exploring various avenues for students at WCV to have a prom this year.  If and when this may happen, the district will announce the date and location.

  • All end of the year ceremonies will be held outside again this year.  Details of each ceremony are still being worked out and will again be dictated by state regulations.  With that said, the district has reserved large tents for the football field that will be delivered and set up on Tuesday, June 22nd.  We plan to hold 6th Grade Moving-up, Honors Banquet, and Graduation on the football field that week.  Information regarding public attendance will be released as we get closer to June.  It is our hope that we will be able to hold one graduation ceremony at 10:00 am on Saturday as opposed to the two separate ceremonies we had last year.  Again, this is all subject to regulations in June.

Again, all of this is subject to change if NYSED, NYSDOH, and/or the Board of Regents releases new information.  As always, I will keep everyone updated. Take care and stay safe! 


Mr. Shepardson - Superintendent