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Sports News From Herkimer County Department of Health

According to Herkimer County Department of Health, the max capacity for an outdoor event is 200 people.  This number is inclusive of players, cheerleaders, coaches, officials, chain crews, trainers, scoreboard operators, ball boys, etc.  This means that ONLY HOME SPECTATORS will be allowed at football games in Herkimer County.  Each football player and cheerleader will be given 2 spectator passes that must be presented at the gate to gain access to the football game.  Once your ticket is presented, you will be temperature checked and then you will fill out a COVID screening form.  This rule is no different from what we did in the fall, fall sports teams are much smaller and we never came close to the 200 max capacity number.  In summary, each WCV football player and cheerleader will get 2 passes to share with whomever they choose.  If you do not have a pass, you will not be admitted entry to the home WCV football games.


WCV Football Schedule

4/16 - WCV vs. Dolgeville - 2 home spectators per athlete (with a pass)

4/23 - WCV vs. Frankfort - 2 home spectators per athlete (with a pass) 

4/30 - WCV @ Herkimer - NO WCV spectators allowed

5/5 -   WCV @ Little Falls - NO WCV spectators allowed


Please contact the athletics office if you have any questions.

Thank you    

Ed Dougherty

Director of Special Programs and Athletics

West Canada Valley CSD