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West Canada Class of 2020 Honor Graduates

April 24, 2020


Dear Parents, Guardians, and the WCV Community,


It is a pleasure and a privilege to announce the West Canada Valley Honor Graduates of the Class of 2020.  Each Honor Graduate is graduating with a cumulative high school average of 85 or better, and each has forged his or her own unique path through high school.  We have 27 Honor Graduates in the WCV Class of 2020.  Please join us in celebrating the achievements of this year’s Honor Graduates.


The WCV Class of 2020 Salutatorian is Olivia Carney.

The WCV Class of 2020 Valedictorian is Nathaniel Lowell.


  • Thomas Tolpa

  • Nathaniel Rath

  • Caitlynn LaBreche

  • Clayton Davis

  • Jordan Brelinsky

  • Amber Maxwell

  • Sulia Martin

  • Mackenzie Bray

  • Harold Goodwin

  • Alyssa Lyga

  • Julia Marriott

  • Billie Tyson, Jr.

  • Jacob Borden

  • Logan Valerio

  • Chloe Williams

  • Sarah Costello

  • Zachary Zbytniewski

  • Kyleigh Gage

  • Tanner Brennan

  • Logan Steates

  • Portia Camardello

  • Casey Dibble

  • Alexis Clark

  • Trey Arsenault

  • Caeli Campbell


Mr. Shepardson