• At West Canada Valley, students have access to a variety of rigorous and exciting academic opportunities that reflect what is expected in the real world. Through the grade levels, the locally-developed curriculum combines core knowledge instruction – such as English language arts, math, science and social studies – with essential skills like critical thinking, problem solving, communication and collaboration. Below the surface, our faculty and administration continue to use key teaching and learning tools – like academic standards, quality assessments, and professional development – to ensure that students are learning to the best of their ability. See important information about WCV's academic programs below:


    Mohonasen’s K-12 ELA program is committed to preparing students to read and write in the 21st century. Students read literature, as well as different types of non-fiction materials – such as biographies and autobiographies, history and science resources, and even technical resources like how-to manuals. ELA instruction also focuses on writing, speaking, listening and language skills. Students read and write every day, and they work on reading and understanding more complex material as they get older. Instruction occurs individually, in small groups, and together as a class.



    The Mohonasen mathematics department is committed to preparing its students for the expectations of the 21st century. Students’ thinking, reasoning and problem solving abilities are developed through exploration of real-world examples of mathematics. Technology is used to enhance learning by allowing students to fully investigate concepts beyond the limitations of traditional approaches.



    Mohonasen’s science and technology program encourages students to explore the world around them while learning key scientific and technological skills that are needed in the 21st century. Elementary and middle school students are exposed to a variety of topics and ideas through hands-on and problem solving activities. Each year builds on the skills and content learned the year before. At the high school level, students learn college- and career-level content and skills working on real-world problems.



    Mohonasen’s social studies program prepares young people to become informed citizens and full participants in society. The curriculum is designed to lead them to become active contributors to their community, nation and world.



    Mohonasen’s K-12 art program values creativity and promotes the sequential development of the skills needed for students to communicate visually through their artwork.  Clubs, publications, and real-life application provide additional visual and media arts opportunities for our students.



    At Mohonasen, there is a long-standing tradition of rich music instruction and performing opportunities for students of all ages. General music instruction is continuous grades K-8. Small group instrumental lessons are offered weekly on a rotating schedule grades 3-12. (String instruments only in grade 3.) Orchestra, band and choir performance opportunities are available at the intermediate, middle, and high school levels.



    The family and consumer sciences program helps students become competent and self-reliant in managing their personal, family, and work lives. It is designed to meet the needs of students interested in careers in human services, education, family services, social work, nutrition, culinary, fashion design, textiles and interior design.



    The Mohonasen business department provides students with the knowledge and the skills necessary for college or to directly enter the world of work.  Students receive information that is helpful in carrying on personal business affairs and entrepreneurship, and to make informed economic decisions in life.




    The Mohonasen physical education program promotes the benefits of a healthy lifestyle through physical activity. At the primary level our emphasis is on developing motor and locomotor skills, fitness concepts, teams concepts, and cooperation. At the secondary level the focus shifts to advanced fitness concepts, lifetime fitness, team building and some traditional activities.

    Our health program focuses on providing learning experiences for the purpose of influencing knowledge, attitudes, and conduct relating to individual, community, and world health. The course also helps instruct students how to maintain or improve their health and be able to secure abundant vigor and vitality that are the foundations for the greatest possible happiness and service in personal, family, and community life.



    English as a New Language (ENL) services are provided to K-12 students who are working to demonstrate successful mastery of English.  A combination of small group and integrated instruction is provided to support our multi-language learners.

    In grades 8-12, all students have access to foreign language offerings. The goal of the foreign language department is to provide increasing competence in listening, speaking, reading, writing, and cultural understanding. Concurrent with the development of language skills, instruction aims to provide cultural insight and understanding of other people, their land and geography, their history, and their thoughts and actions.