Child Nutrition Program
  • Your Child Nutrition Program’s primary goal is to offer our student(s) healthy meals at a reasonable price. The 2019-20 prices remain the same as last year. A full priced breakfast will be $1.35 and full priced lunch will be $2.55. Milk will remain $.60.    

      I can’t stress enough the value in Free/Reduced meals. This is an option more families in our district are eligible for than actually apply.  Please consider it. Beginning July 1, 2019, students in New York State that are approved for reduced priced meals will receive breakfast and lunch meals at no chargeThe application and how to apply instructions are in the August newsletter and on our website.  The Free and Reduced Meals may help ease a burden for your family. A new application MUST be filled out each year. Please send this in by the end of September to ensure no lapse of benefits if you were free or reduced last year and have no financial changes.

      Remember to take advantage of the on-line payment option that we have available through Nutrikids. Even if you do NOT use the payment part, once you set up your household you will have access to the daily activity in your student(s) meal account. Just go to and follow the steps. You will need your child(ren)’s 9 digit account number. Please email or call me if you need it.

      Please take note that per board policy, a student will only be allowed to charge lunches on their account.  No second meals, milk, ice cream or ala carte items can be charged at all. The Child Nutrition Program is self-sufficient and is not supported by local taxes. Thank you in advance for understanding the need for the charging limits.  If you have a question about an account, please call or email me.

      When you send money for your child(ren), please note if the money is for meals only, milk break or on account. This will help us put the money in the appropriate location. When sending in milk break money, please keep it separate from lunch money as the teachers handle that. When the money is placed “on account” it means the student can use the money for snacks, second meals, etc.  Also, put the student’s name on the check or envelope. You can imagine how hard it is when that is not done! We can also put restrictions on the account if you feel that is needed. Please call and we can talk about it.

      I am look forward to a great year with your child(ren) and welcome your questions, concerns and suggestions any time throughout the year.



    Mrs. Joanne VanAernam

    Food Service Director

    315-845-6800 ext. 3360