• Learning letters and their corresponding sounds is called Phonological Awareness.  

    Here are a few ideas for helping your child learn letter names and to match letters with their sounds.


    Sing the ABC song to the tune of Mary Had a Little Lamb.  This will help your song differentiate specific letters to match the tune, especially l,m, n and o!


    ABC flashcards : (Hold down Ctrl, then click) Download and print


    Some ideas for how to read ABC books:

    Say letter name, sound, picture: For example,  " A, /a/ apple, A /a/ ape, B /b/ ball, C /c/ cake"
    Say letter name, sound, picture and then read any words added to the page: G /g/ goose, go, got, etc...

    Ask your child to echo each letter name and sound as you read the book aloud.